Every Day is Earth Day: Using a Latent Curriculum to Develop an Ethic of Sustainability Among College Students

  • Robert Longwell-Grice University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Rebecca Nordensten Columbia University


As educators, colleges are in a unique position to inform future leaders about environmental issues.  This paper reviews a specific plan for developing an ethic of care for the environment in students, based on the work of Aldo Leopold.  The plan focuses on the latent curriculum, and argues that divisions of student affairs are best suited to develop it. 

Reference citation: Longwell-Grice, R. & Nordensten, R.(2011). Every day is Earth Day: Using a latent curriculum to develop an ethic of sustainability among college students.  CSPA-NYS Journal of Student Affairs, 11(1), 65-83.   


Author Biographies

Robert Longwell-Grice, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Director of Academic Services,

School of Education

Rebecca Nordensten, Columbia University
Research Coordinator
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