Examining Feminist Consciousness in LGBTQ University Constituencies


  • John P. Cullen University of Rochester
  • Angela Clark-Taylor
  • Catherine Faurot
  • Alysha Alani
  • Catherine Cerulli




            There is little data on the perception of LGBTQ constituencies toward feminism. We conducted focus groups on our campus and within the surrounding community on perspectives of LGBTQ students, university-employed gay men, community-based transgender individuals, and community-based gay men toward feminism. We analyzed findings using Bem’s gender schema and Ridgeway’s construct of individual, interactional, and institutional aspects of gender identity. Our results show the majority of our LGBTQ focus groups held positive views toward feminism, associating it with equality for all genders and social justice, with the exception of community-based gay men, who negatively associated feminism solely with women’s rights.  

Author Biography

John P. Cullen, University of Rochester

Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Clinical & Translational Science Institue / University of Rochester Medical Center

Assistant Director, Susan B. Anthony Center / University of Rochester






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