Perspectives on University Student Engagement in England


  • Roxanne DuVivier Wright State University
  • Monica Ratliff Wright State University
  • Brigette Gardner Lehigh University
  • Lauren Ouwerkerk University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Josua Scacco Pitzer College


While national quantitative research has been conducted that measured satisfaction and engagement of undergraduate students in England, fewer qualitative studies exist that focused on the needs of students and their perceptions of the totality of their university experiences. This study examined the multifaceted phenomena of student engagement in a non-US setting to explore student attitudes and needs that contribute to retention and engaged decisions at an English university. Findings suggested that US research has applicability in the English university context. As is the case in the US, English student engagement in academics and societies was affected by factors associated with stress, belonging, career aspirations, support, and social involvement.






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