People Look at You a Little Bit Differently: Self-authorship and the Homegoing Experiences of First-Generation College Students of Color


  • Michelle Boettcher Clemson University
  • Stacy Dillard
  • Kimbell Dobbins
  • Keenan Jones
  • Nick Lang
  • Hailey Palmer
  • Esther Philip
  • Kierra Richmond
  • Dylan Wilkes
  • Wen Xi


First-generation college (FGC) students represent 56% of college students in the United States (RTI International, 2019). Studies on the role FGC family in students’ campus experiences by Covarrubias et al. (2015) along with Orbe’s (2008) work on the role of culture in FGC identity development provide a foundation for understanding FGC experiences. The role of FGC self-authorship (Carpenter & Peña, 2017) on campus also helps support FGC student success. Unexamined are FGC students’ homegoing experiences in their communities of origin. This study helps fill a void in the literature about FGC students’ experiences in their home communities through the voices of one important student demographic.






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